Cuckold and everything related to it

What or who is cuckold? What does it mean? Why some men want to be cuckold voluntarily? In this article you can find everything what is related to cuckold and all you need and want to know about that.

Cuckold and everything related to it

Who is cuckold and what does it mean?

Cuckold is a man whoes woman is or has been infidelite. Generally it doesn’t matter with whom was this act executed but often it is with woman’s exboyfriend, friend, colleague and sometimes even with absolute stranger for example in party. We can distinguish some levels of this act depending how severity it was: kissing, touching, masturbate or blowjob or some other type of lower sexual practices, sex and different types of perverted sex. In the porn industry is cuckold often referred as a man who lends his wife or girlfriend of his own free will to another man or men.

The similar sexual practices is sometimes marked as Candaulism when man share or exposes his wife or girlfriend. It can be in the form of a face-to-face meeting, sharing pictures or videos of his partner to other people for their voyeuristic pleasure.

Why some men like cuckold fantasy? Better relationship?

Cuckold is a pervert practise when man is excited when another man fucks his partner. There are several options why some men like this act:

  • They are excited because their partners are excited and they can watch it.
  • Complicated temper of the man when he is often dominant in everyday life or sometimes even in sexual life but sometimes desires for special kind of humiliation or degradation.
  • They are excited that other men are interested in their partner and that they like her or even that their wife or girlfriend is interested in another man. Where the boyfriend’s or husband’s interest or excite stems from the fact that people want something they can’t have or that is very uncertain for them.
  • Due to a special type of trauma:
    • divorced parents – violation in family, domestic abuse, humiliation…
    • they have been deceived by their current or former partner and are coping with it in this way

However, it is important to mention that this practice is often carried out in a positive sense with a love in this imagination and this behavior. Both partners therefore usually like or at least agree with this act and do like that for the pleasure of the other partner. As a result, a cuckold can be very helpful in a healthy relationship if they both know what they want, are clear about the relationship, and trust each other. This can very deepen their relationship.

History and origin of the cuckold

The name or term cuckold (put on antlers) are used in many languages and are well known in the literature.

The origin of the name cuckold is derived either from the behavior of male deer, when during the rut they drive away all possible juices from their doe, or historically from the emperor Andronik Komnen, who used to give men of his girl lovers deer antlers, which gave them various benefits, such as the right to hunt in the imperial districts. Sometimes you can even find that this term based from the behavior of the cuckoo bird because its habbits is to laying the eggs in other bird’s nests. More information about cuckold and everything related to it here.

Terms and concepts related to cuckold

The meaning of the terms is explained in relation to cuckold fantasies.

Bull – dominant man who fuck husband’s wife and sometimes humiliate husband
BBC – abbreviation for Big Black Cock – black man with big cock
BBW – abbreviation for Big Beautiful Women – often wife who is overweight but despite it very beuatifull
Stranger – a man whom neither husband nor wife knows or they have known each other for a very short time and he fucks the wife (they meet for example at a party, swingers party)
Hubby – often meaned humiliated husband
Sloppy Seconds – husband fucks his wife after the bull who left her wet, sloppy or full of cum inside
Hotwife – beuatiful wife who is shared with bull
Housewife – wife in house who is shared with bull
Swingers – often means swingers party where men, women or couples go to have sex with others
Gangbang – lot of men fuck one or less amount of women, the woman can be for example wife
Cheats – when wife fucks another man without allowance of her husband
Cleanup – when husband licks body or pussy of her wife after that she was filled with cum or cummed on her body from bull
Eye contact – eye contact between wife and husbend while bull fuck the wife
Humiliates – when bull or wife do the things which humiliate or ridicule the husband
Double penetration – when wife has two cocks in her – one in pussy and one in ass or both in pussy or even both in ass, it doesn’t matter if the cocks are from husband and bull or from two bulls
Gloryhole – is a hole in the wall through which bull fucks husband’s wife with some kind of anonymity
Treesome – when wife has sex with two men – it doesn’t matter if the men are husband and bull or two bulls
Cuckquean – woman who has unfaithful husband
Cuckoldress – woman who cuckolds her man
Creampie – when the man especially bull cum in the wife’s pussy or ass
Stretched – when the bull have big cock and the wife’s pussy left opened much more then before

Term cuckold in other languages

German – hahnrei
Russian – рогоносец
Polish – rogacz
Spanish – cornudo (cornuda)
French – cocu (cocue)
Italian – cornuto (cornuta)
Portuguese – corno
Turkish – boynuzlamak
Vietnamese – mọc sừng
Chinese – 乌龟 (烏龜)
Japanese – 寝取られ
Korean – 오쟁이 진 남편
Hindi – व्यभिचारी
Arabic – ديوث

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