Real cuckold story! Gabina and young bull with big dick!

The real story about a couple who has encountered with situation that many other couples encountered or will encounter as well. How they will struggle and deal with it is only up to them. Open your mind, don’t be so tense and read this beautiful real cuckold story with happy ending. Story of wife and young bull.

How did I figure it out?

My name is Roman, I’m 54, my wife’s name is Gabina and she’s 46. Everything started when I noticed contraception in Gabina’s purse, which surprised me because I can’t have children. So I started noticing things I hadn’t seen before and found her diary, where she had various work things, but also written passwords for dating accounts and social networks. It didn’t last long and I signed up for her accounts. She flirted there with a lot of men. What surprised me was that they were all around 18-20 years old. Then I came across a conversation with a Daniel, an eighteen-year-old boy she’d met on Badoo, and they gradually moved from innocent writing to flirting, then to a face-to-face meeting, and finally invited him to our apartment, where, as I read, she had sex with him when I was gone. This was how started story of wife and young bull.

Divorce? Probably not, conversely…

At first I wanted to make her a scene, but gradually the fact that I disappeared and I have to admit that the idea of fucking my wife with a young boy made me quite excited. For several days, I thought and looked at some discrete cameras on the net that I could install at home without my wife noticing. It took a few days before I had the opportunity to install them, but in the end it worked out.

Two days later, I told my wife that I will going fishing on Friday and wouldn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon. She accepted it seemingly calmly, but she could be seen to be very happy. Later, I read in her conversation that she had made meeting with Daniel on Friday, as she wrote, a romantic night with her in the lair. The whole time I spent fishing, I had to think about what was going on in our bedroom, and I couldn’t wait to see Gabina and Daniel fucking in our bed.

It took me another day until I was home alone and can watch the shootage. Of course, it didn’t take a long time, until Gabina appeared in the shot as she entered the bedroom, she was wearing only underwear and suspenders. She said something toward the door where Daniel immediately appeared, a young, tall, handsome man who seen to have an athletic body. He was wearing only shorts, under which an erection loomed like thunder. Obviously something they was already doing in the living room, but fortunately the main act was in the bedroom. Daniel hugged my wife and they started kissing passionately. He deftly unbuttoned her bra and watched her still nice breasts. He started kissing them and teasing her nipples. Then she laid on the bed and I watched him take off her lace thong. Gabina spread her legs and the bull started licking her pussy, I saw my wife clench her fingers in the sheets, she must have liked it, fuck.

After a while, she said something to him, and Daniel stood up and took off his shorts. He is really a bull, his dick must have at least 20 cm. Gabina knelt beside him and began to suck hungrily. After a moment, she took it out of her mouth and seductively climbed into bed. Daniel followed, kneeling between her outstretched legs and slowly inserting his giant limb into her. Gabina came out to meet him and started pushing. After a while, their pace was high and both could see that they were enjoying it. Suddenly Daniel pulled out a cock and sprinkled Gabina with a huge dose of cum on her breasts, abdomen, mouth and pussy she was all covered with his semen. Daniel’s cock was still standing like a poplar, and when he lay on his back, Gabina took advantage of this and mounted his huge limb and started fucking him furiously. It was something incredible. After a while, she began to visibly slow down, and then she moved sharply, having an orgasm like thunder. And Daniel too, because as he fell out of her so a stream of fresh cum came out of her cunt. They lay together in an embrace for about 15 minutes and then my wife began massage Daniel’s cock lightly with her hands. The result came in a moment, standing again like a pin. Gabina knelt on all fours and the young man began to fuck her like a sewing machine from behind without hesitation, this number took them a really long time, he probably couldn’t cum, they gradually changed positions, finally he pull it into her mouth. Then they cuddled for a while and then fell asleep. After about another hour, the recording ended.

The story of wife and young bull continues like this

About three days later, Gabina came that she will go to colleague’s cottage. By reading her conversation with the bull, I found out that they would go to a hotel for the weekend. I pretended to know nothing and agreed. Gabina returned on Sunday night and was terribly tired. She said that they sat with her friends until the morning, but it was immediately clear to me that the mare Gabina was fucked by a young bull Daniel all the time. For a while, it worked so that I pretended I didn’t know anything, my wife was dating with Daniel, and I occasionally watched their sex through the cameras and read their conversations.

Let’s try a test for my wife and young bull

Once I decided to try something new and just complained that in my cottage, I somehow bored by mow the grass and that I would like to hire a part-time worker, preferably a student, to whom I would pay for it. Two days later, my wife came home from work and that, if I meant it with the help of the cottage serious, that her colleague has a nephew who would like to earn some money during studies. So I told her it is great and let her find out when he could. The next day she told me that the boy could at any time and that his name is Daniel. I said that the perfect would be whether he could this weekend, but that I have to go to work. Then Gabina said that she would go there with him, that she also had some work to do there, that she had to wash the windows, etc. I said that it is great, and that’s it.

On Friday, wife left and that she will suppose to pick up Daniel on the way. In the evening, as soon as it got dark, I got in the car and headed for the cottage. I parked the car far enough and walked the rest of the way. It was a humid night, and I could see from a distance that the light in the bedroom was lit by a smaller light from a lamp. As I got closer, I recognized the sounds of two fucking people. I crept to the window and peered inside. Daniel was just fucking my wife on the side and holding her hands. Gabina seemed to be done soon. This happened in a few moments. Daniel laid her on his back and pounded on her for a moment, then stretched like a bow and filled my wife’s pussy with his young semen. It was probably not the first time that evening because Gabina was telling him:
“Honey, you poured into me so much of your cum today.”
“And I’ll still continue”
“You’re right, baby”

Yes! Exactly like this looks story of wife and young bull!

Let’s meet and everything will be fine or not?

It excited me incredibly and when I came to the car I had to jerk off. In the morning I went to the cottage again, it was after eight when I arrived there. I put the car aside again. I thought they would sleep and look for excuses for why Daniel was sleeping with my wife in the bedroom. As soon as I arrived, I heard the familiar sounds again, which meant that Daniel was having sex with Gabina again. I entered quietly, it wasn’t locked, and peered through the living room into the bedroom. Gabriela was kneeling on the bed, her ass open, her head resting on the bed, and Daniel fucking her for her life, they didn’t notice me at all. For maybe ten minutes I watched a young bull ravage my wife’s pussy, and when he did it on her ass, I said….”Good morning, you two doves”. Gabina was terribly surprise and Daniel began to stutter that it was not as it looked, while his tail still stood like a pillar. I said I was going to make coffee if they wanted to. In a moment she came to me and shyly asked me how long I had been here. I said, that I arrived in the evening and saw them through the window having sex, and this morning I watched their beautiful performance for ten minutes. She asked me what would happen next. I told her that I understood her, that I wasn’t good enough for her in bed, and that if she wanted to, she could continue with Daniel, but let always tell me the truth. She stood scalded. She asked if I meant it serious, and when I agreed, she was relieved. Then I went fishing, and when I arrived in the evening the grass was cut and chopped wood. I went to Gabina’s and told her I was going home and asked her if she would mind if she wrote me how much she and Daniel enjoyed each other. She just smiled, gave me a kiss and said…. “Go on and let surprised.”

Before I got home, I received a message with a photo of story of wife and young bull, Gaba’s cunt filled with Daniel’s cum and the text “Thank you darling.”

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