Obedient humiliated hubby – prepare, watch, clean


Obedient humiliated hubby – prepare, watch, clean! Nice cuckold video with a very horny and hot wife! Hubby is so submissive, but I guess even so, his wife doesn’t appreciate him much. Do you know why? Because he is only servant-hubby! She doesn’t care, his only job is to prepare wife’s pussy with his tongue, then watch the whole action and finally clean up the cum mess! Yeah, that’s the job of a submissive, humiliated husband.

So, wives, would you like to have a husband like that in your home? Let us know about it down in the comments. What about you men? Would you want a wife like that, who you’d prepare with your tongue to fuck a real bull. You had to watch the whole thing and in the end you were left with the job of cleaning cum. I think despite this humiliation there are plenty of men who would enjoy and find such a relationship very fulfilling. So men, let us know about you in the comments below. We’ll be looking forward to all your comments!

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Date: June 16, 2022

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