BBC fucks wife’s anal – proper size and cum!


BBC fucks wife’s anal – proper size and cum! Hubby got a chastity belt so his wife could invite a proper BBC bull. They didn’t want the hubby to bother them with his little dick, which even though it’s in erect is incredibly small, so they put him in a cage.

In the beginning of the video you can see the incredible difference in size between bull and hubby. It’s really ridiculous but so what, some were given more and some were given less. If the wife has chosen such a small hubby, she’s at least compensating with a proper BBC. Wife is a really pretty blonde with a great body and a beautiful tight pussy and also anal. It’s quite interesting that even though her holes are used to a pretty small size, she was able to accommodate such a huge dick even in her anal. Yes, you read that right! The BBC fucked that narrow sexy anal of hers beautifully and even gave her a good cum with a proper testosterone. I’d give the husband a lick of her ass after his cum and it would be unique!!

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Date: April 14, 2022

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